Boulder Designs: Custom Crafted Landscape Boulders

Boulder Designs by Earth Enterprises, Inc. is your Colorado connection for personal, unique and affordable landscape signage. Each boulder is custom-crafted to your specifications of size, shape and color. The main appeal of this product is its ability to complement existing landscaping while offering an eye appealing alternative to typical business signage. Boulder Designs® also greatly reduces costly maintenance issues.                                                                                                                                   

Boulder Designs® boulders are 100% solid and made with our specialized processing equipment using specially enhanced concrete. There is no "hollow shell" within our products to weaken its strength. Depending upon the size and shape of your boulder, our average product weighs from 200 - 3,000 pounds and more. They definitely have the strength to last a lifetime.

Boulder Designs® custom crafted boulders need little to no maintenance when compared to plastic, wood, or vinyl signage and will outlast most any products that are available in the signage industry today. In addition, Boulder Designs® boulders are an environmentally friendly choice over plastic or vinyl signage.


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