waste stream consultations

Waste Stream Consulting

Waste-Not Recycling provides integrated waste management consulting for large commercial manufacturing facilities, government agencies and hospitals/health-care centers. We will work with your team to find environmentally responsible ways to manage and recover recyclable materials from your waste stream.

We partner with your staff to help educate your employees in order to create an effective and sustainable waste diversion plan. Our primary focus is in the proper segregation of materials at the point of generation.

Our goal will be to help your business get as much material out of the waste-stream as possible, thereby reducing your waste-hauling bill, reducing your landfill footprint and at the same time creating a possible revenue stream from your recycling.

Please call John Newman at 1-800-584-9912 or email jnewman@waste-not.com to schedule a consultation for your business.  We will give you recommendations to start a new recycling program or evaluate your current program and let you know if it's something we can improve upon.


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