Being a horseman of many years and after numerous world championship titles, I have always been challenged with the perpetual “Bedding Issue”. It has been a continual battle with the good aspects vs. the bad aspects of bedding and none of which resulted in a win-win situation. My idea of good bedding is one that is not dusty, absorbs well, is easy to compost and is packaged in a manageable size to take to the horse shows. Dust is a major issue with me, since several problems such as upper respiratory problems and colic stem from a dusty environment, not to mention making the barn very dirty as well. Absorption is also a necessity in a stable that is used primarily as a business where odors can be an issue. Being able to manage the bedding is important, which includes the ease of composting it. Lastly, the need to transport bedding to the horse shows with ease is essential, bedding should be easy to stack in the trailer and be packaged in a compressed form to utilize available space.

Surprisingly, my wish has come true, a bedding product that meets every expectation and more....

David M. Riddle
World Class Horses

At first we were hesitant to try cardboard animal bedding. But after trying it we realized the full usefulness of the product. Not only is it more absorbent but it also held the moisture better when it was hot. Our sheep also benefited from the outstanding odor control. It is the best bedding product that we have ever used over the top of sand. All in all it is the best bedding with a better value combined with superior performance.

Mr. Ron Pulse
Laramie County Community College & Wyoming State FFA Advisor, Cheyenne, Wyoming

When I come to choose bedding for my horses”, says , “my first consideration is their health. My last consideration is economics. That is why I was amazed to find Cardboard Horse Bedding not only performed better than any of the other bedding materials available in the market it was also less expensive than most!

John Witaker
International Show Jumping Champion & UK Olympic Champion


As well as being a superior bedding it has significantly reduced the mortality rate in my game bird and poultry breeding program.

Tedford Farms
Game Birds & Poultry