Waste-Not strives to protect our enviornment

About Us

Waste-Not Recycling, a division of Earth Enterprises, specializes in commercial recycling and materials management.  We provide solutions based recycling and waste diversion programs to our clients that create profit centers for various commodities. At the same time we focus on reducing or even eliminating the waste footprint and associated costs that are part of waste-stream management. We don't stop there however. We continue to explore new manufacturing opportunities for materials that have led to new product opportunities for items that are normally viewed as being un-recyclable.

Waste-Not Recycling is Colorado’s oldest and most experienced business provider of comprehensive recycling services.  We have successfully provided recycling and waste diversion options to the community for over 23 years and have been instrumental in pioneering new programs across the region. 

Our mission is to assist in creating a sustainable environment for present and future generations by providing world class recycling programs. With a specialized focus on working with businesses, Waste-Not provides some of the most comprehensive recycling and re-use services available to large commercial, institutional and government accounts.

Waste-Not Recycling has been the recipient of numerous grants and contracts allowing the company to pioneer things like snow-sports equipment and pre-preg recycling. The Waste-Not team has served on State and Local Advisory, Solid Waste, Pollution Prevention and Recycling Boards. Waste-Not is a proud member of the Colorado Association for Recycling and an accredited member of The Better Business Bureau.

Meet the Team

President, CEO
Vice President, COO
Director: Business Development
Manager: Transportation Logistics
Manager, Construction Recycling
Manager, Online and re-use Product Sales
Warehouse Supervisor