Waste-Not strives to protect our enviornment

About Us

Waste-Not Recycling, a division of Earth Enterprises Inc. specializes in commercial recycling, materials management, and plastic processing and tolling.
Waste-not is one of the Colorado’s most experienced providers of comprehensive materail management services. We started as a small local recycler and over the past thirty years have grown to be one of the industry leaders in waste-stream management.
Most commercial recyclers/haulers are focused only on collecting materials, re-baling and sending to various mills and buyers.  At Waste-Not however, we are often able to turn plastic scrap back into finished product ready to be reintroduced back into the manufacturing process. We do this by being able to produce clean plastic pellets made from various materials, and also creating clean regrind and pulverized powders.

Waste-Not works to turn plastic scrap into raw materials ready to be reintroduced back into the manufacturing process.  The manufactured pellets are made from select types of plastics. 

Waste-Not has pioneered programs like agricultural twine recycling and ski equipment recycling using State of Colorado grant funding.  These processes have represented our ongoing commitment to the development of materail management solutions.

Waste-Not is a member of Recycle Colorado.