Waste-Not Recycling sells its Bedder Bedding business to Gold Star Environmental Solutions

Animal Bedding, Cardboard Animal Bedding, airlite

Waste-Not Recycling is pleased to announce it has completed a business transaction to sell its Bedder Bedding business to Gold Star Environmental Solutions (GSES) as of April 2023. The Bedder Bedding product will be re-branded and sold as Gold Star Animal Bedding under its new ownership. Waste-Not Recycling is particularly excited that the Gold Star team will continue to operate in Johnstown CO where Bedder Bedding was first established over a decade ago.

Waste-Not’s Reclamation Manager, Amy Caruso states, “The successful transition of the Bedder Bedding business to Gold Star Environmental Solutions helps ensure this ecologically sound and desirable animal bedding product will continue to be available to all our existing customers. I am very excited to see the Gold Star team already planning to expand into new markets for this product - beyond what our business plan at Waste-Not could support - so even more animals, their handlers, and our environment can benefit from its use versus alternative materials used to make animal bedding that are more detrimental.” Waste-Not owner Anita R. Comer further adds “I am delighted to know that Gold Star Environmental Solutions shares our long-standing business vision of seeing solutions that others do not and understanding that our world is one of great possibilities.”

Gold Star Environmental Solutions is launching Gold Star Animal Bedding as its first product within its planned portfolio. Gold Star Animal Bedding is now available for delivery or pick-up from its Johnstown CO location.  The GSES product team is already making plans to launch a second product to market since its acquisition of Bedder Bedding – worm farm vermiculture. This new product will further optimize recycled materials use and expand on the GSES mission to deliver environmentally friendly products and services to market.

Gold Star Environmental Solutions can be reached at 888-717-5721 and online at www.gold-star-solutions.com.