Plastic Pellets and Regrind

Plastic Pellets and Regrind

Plastic Processing:

Pellets and Regrind

Waste-Not produces quality plastic pellets and regrind from clean recyclable materials. Our plastic pellets are a high grade, economical alternative to buying pellets made from virgin resins.

Our pellets are made in a state of the art processing line which includes a continuous feed filtration system which can remove up to a 5% contamination. Our QC lab includes a Dynisco Melt Flow Indicator, a Qualitest Electronic Densimeter and a Thermo Scientific Spectrometer.

Our pellets are made from various resins including LDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, Polystyrene, and other mixed plastics blends.

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LDPE Clear (Melt Flow  .7 - .88)

LDPE Clear

Our LDPE clear pellets can be used for any product needing clear plastic or plastic that can be colored as required.

LDPE Mixed Color Pellets (Melt Flow .7 - .88)

LDPE Mixed Color

For applications where a specific melt flow is not required.  This type of pellet is used for items like colored films and colored plastic bags,

Mixed Color HDPE Pellets (Frac-Melt)

HDPE Mixed
Our HDPE mixed color pellets are perfect for products like  pipe, plastic decking, plastic furniture, buckets, receptacle units.

Polypropylene Clear Pellets (Melt Flow 5-10)

Our PP clear pellets are ready to be used for polypropylene applications requiring clear plastic or products that will need specific coloring.

Mixed Color Polypropylene Pellets (Melt Flow .8 - 1.5)

Polypropylene mixed
These pellets are made from Polypropylene products of various colors and are generally a medium density. Like mixed HDPE pellets, these have strong applications for products like decking, pipe, buckets, plastic furniture, containers and more.

Polystyrene Pellets (Melt Flow 3.6)

Our polystyrene pellets are made from clean medical grade thermo-form trays. They can be used for various applications.