Commercial Recycling specialists

Recycling Programs And Waste Reduction

Our core business is to provide recycling and waste diversion for large-scale commercial and industrial manufacturing companies accross the country. Waste-Not understands that as a recycling partner we can contribute to the overall success and sustainable image of your business by providing world-class service to enhance your recycling and waste programs. We provide recycling programs for some of the largest companies in the United States. Our goal is to create win-win relationships in which we will continue to expand the uses and value of your byproduct materials while at the same time reducing your waste stream and the associated costs for waste collection and removal. We will help you to get as close as possible to being a zero-waste facility.

The first step will be to evaluate your current processes and see if we can make recommendations on ways to improve. We have saved a number of our clients an average of over 70% on their waste fees while at the same time creating product based revenue streams and enhancing their landfill diversion rates. 

Waste-Not can provide everything you need to implement or improve upon your commercial recycling program. Besides our experience in putting in place the best processes possible, we can arrange all of the equipment necessary including balers, compactors, dumpsters, and containers of all sizes. We can also set up shipping directly from your facility which can significantly increase the amount you are paid for certain types of commodities such as cardboard and stretch-wrap.  Most importantly though, we will provide creative, innovative ideas that work!